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We have access to many makes and models for replacement and upgrade parts for all your microscopes.

The major brands are Accu-Scope, Unitron, National, Swift, Olympus, Nikon, American Optical, Vanguard, Eagle, Zeiss, Fisher Education, Parco, Labomed, Meiji, Leica, Bausch & Lomb and Omano.

We can upgrade your eyepieces with new ones or put in pointers, upgrade your objectives with semi-plans or plan, clear up your view with new white frosted or clear blue filters to get your microscopes back into working order.

We also have a vast variety of replacement bulbs from fluorescent, halogen, incandescent and LED.

There is a three bulb minium order plus a shipping charge, you can order buy e-mail or phone.

Let's talk about balances, electronic and mechanical, we have both from Adam Equipment located in Oxford CT for the whole country. We also clean and zero adjust all other balances.




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